“Finding the time to take care of yourself can be tricky when you are balancing several aspects of your life, but it is so important. Massage therapy was the first thing that called out to me when I asked myself what I needed to feel centered, and immediately thought to contact Kyle. He had shared his knowledge of physiology and holistic approaches to healing with me and a group of others during one of Brenda’s Warrior Goddess Training Sessions, and it remained with me.
My previous massage experiences felt like impersonal and austere interactions with a strangers that focused more on technique than what my needs were, but I was touched and happily surprised that Kyle’s approach is direct and communicative throughout the session. He prepares a space to be what you need that day, and welcomes your input to ensure everything is just right.
His professionalism is matched by his attentive and friendly nature. I entered my first session with a heavy heart as well as aches and tension from a stressful week, and left feeling grounded and back in my own body. He also helped bring awareness to my overall well-being. That’s what I like the most about his practice: it is massage therapy with the adaptability to bring you what you need.”

- Andy Bravo :: Freelancer, Costume Designer, Spanish Tutor