“Finding the time to take care of yourself can be tricky when you are balancing several aspects of your life, but it is so important. Massage therapy was the first thing that called out to me when I asked myself what I needed to feel centered, and immediately thought to contact Kyle. He had shared his knowledge of physiology and holistic approaches to healing with me and a group of others during one of Brenda’s Warrior Goddess Training Sessions, and it remained with me.
My previous massage experiences felt like impersonal and austere interactions with a strangers that focused more on technique than what my needs were, but I was touched and happily surprised that Kyle’s approach is direct and communicative throughout the session. He prepares a space to be what you need that day, and welcomes your input to ensure everything is just right. His professionalism is matched by his attentive and friendly nature. I entered my first session with a heavy heart as well as aches and tension from a stressful week, and left feeling grounded and back in my own body. He also helped bring awareness to my overall well-being. That’s what I like the most about his practice: it is massage therapy with the adaptability to bring you what you need.”

- Andy Bravo :: Freelancer, Costume Designer, Spanish Tutor


“I walked into Kyle’s beautiful plant-filled space feeling overwhelmed with a mangled shoulder and a body packed with anxiety and left feeling like I’d returned home in my body. Not only did he work the kinks out of out my shoulder, he deeply calmed my nervous system all the down while doing so. I left feeling reset and ready to tackle these New York streets once again. A week later I took his suggestion to add a bit more variety to my workouts to challenge my muscle patterns and the pain hasn’t returned. Contact Therapy for the win! If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and deeply intuitive body worker, I couldn’t recommend him enough. I truly felt taken care of in one of the safest spaces I’ve been in for body work in a really long time as a POC. Thanks for sharing your healing magic!”

-Sabine Smith :: Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach


“I have been getting massage for many years as I see the value in clearing the energy blocks and moving your muscles and allowing for toxic clearing. I went to see Kyle at Contact Therapy and he was one of best I have been to in a longtime. His energy and ability to connect with what I needed was incredible. He was able to really open up a tight shoulder and very tight hips I have been dealing with. Thank you Kyle for the gentle yet very powerful deep massage work. I look forward to our next session and will be recommending Contact Therapy to many people. “

-Jude Desiderio :: Head of Sales and Marketing Bionutrition, National Sales Director Universal Hemp


“Kyle is an AMAZING massage therapist, he helped to release tension i didn't even realize i had. He is highly knowledgeable & i deeply appreciated how he took the time to get to know me & what issues i wanted to work on as well as explain everything he was doing , i felt extremely safe, relaxed and comfortable under his care. My shoulders feel so light & relaxed. I feel like im walking on air and cant help but smile. I highly recommend kyle to anyone looking for an awesome massage experience! Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had.”

- Diana Perez :: Artist, Reiki Healer, 13th Octave Lahochi Healer


“Kyle is an extremely thoughtful and intuitive massage therapist. I carry a lot of chronic tension in my upper back from the every day stress of living in the city. It felt like immediately he could sense the source of my discomfort and was able to relax my muscles. The treatment was extremely therapeutic and combined traditional massage techniques with passive stretching, which really helped to elongate and stretch my muscles. I left feeling much more relaxed, rejuvenated and expansive. I recommend Kyle to anyone for their self care routine - he truly has a healing touch.”

-Anna Kreitzer :: Acupuncturist, Herbalist